Time is flying and it is now time to play catch ups...

Hi All, 

The concept 'Time flies' is someting I never fully comprehended as a child, however now as an adult and parent I can certainly see the meaning behind these two very accurate and true words!

It is hard to believe it is nearly the middle of the year! I was just looking over our website and reaslied how slack we have been in communicating with you all and updating our comings and goings. So, that being said, I wanted to touch base with you all, say hi and let you know where we are at and where we are heading for the remainder of 2017 and further into 2018.

Over the past few months we have received many enquiries, questions and requests regarding what tours we have coming up, or what we have in the pipe line. At that time we will not deny, we had little in return have had minimal information to share with you. Consequently, now I have caught up with myself and the calender (the rapidly evolving calender) I wanted to share with you all exactly what we are planning and to also give you an idea of when we might be heading out the gates, so to basically keep you in the loop whilst we work away finalising all the little nitty gritties.  

We have our upcoming two day trip to My Fair Lady coming up in September to Sydney, which is completely sold out! This in it'self tells us that the trip will be a success. We unfortunately had to cancell our 2 day Body Guard Tour to Sydney in June due to a lack of numbers. We in no shape or form like to cancel any trip but there does come a time when we have to. So we do apologise to any of you who missed out on this one. 

You will note that we have just finished putting together a 2 day Sydney trip to see a matinee performance of Beautiful The Carole King Musical departing in October 2017 (see upcoming tours). Unlike many of our Sydney Threatre trips we have included the option of a 3 hour 3 course dinner into the package and also a detoured return via Oberon NSW to visit the much talked about Mayfield Gardens during their Spring Time Festival. Personally, I feel this would be a relaxing and beautiful (don't mind the pun lol) weekend away. I think you might too!

The Wizard of Oz is coming alive on stage at the Capitol Theatre. We are in the process of trying to secure some amazing tickets for this classic story for the tail end of  January 2018. We thought we might put these together with a visit to Taronga Zoo for another 2 day Sydney adventure. This would be a great trip to do with the kids, a friend, a partner or even to gift as Christmas present (gift vouchers are available). Every one loves the Wizard of Oz!   

Many of you have expressed interest in our extended tours. With our 2016 extended tour to the Great Ocean Road being a sell out and such as success we can not see any reason not to continue doing these tours. To let you in on our little secret, we have started putting together a 10 to 12 day tour to the Northern Territory in August/September 2018. At this stage we do not have exact dates available nor a price as you must appreciate these things do take time to put together and are highly dependent on the availability from the other end of things. But do be assurred that we are working away madly on putting this together and do ensure that as soon as we know you will know. 

We will also be offering a shorter extended tour early in 2018, possibly 6-9 day package if all things fall into place. 

Watch this space and keep your eyes and ears open!

Loader's Coaches 

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P.S.S Time Flies when your having fun!!!